Massage by Dana


To Whom It May Concern: 

Dana Ross is an amazing massage therapist.  I first came to Dana so she could take care of my aches and pains.  After my first massage my back stopped aching and I started to sleep a lot sounder. I saw Dana once every 4 to 6 weeks, for her talents are so good, that my aches didn’t resurface until then.  

In May of 2007, I fell and broke my ankle, wrist and dislocated my hand.  I was in a cast for 6 weeks and had physical therapy following.  My ankle remained swollen, and my hand could not lay flat and it had carpel tunnel, still after 2 months of following the removal of the cast. The Physical Therapist released me.  I came to Dana and asked if she could help me, my body was not back to normal or fully healthy.  I was so thankful for Dana made space and time to see me. 

She worked half an hour on my hand and a half hour on my ankle.  After one therapy session, I could lay my hand flat and my ankle felt the flow of energy again.  Dana said my ankle had a lot of scare tissue, she broke most of it down, and my ankle felt better.  After the 2nd session, my hand was returning to normal feeling, and my ankle stopped swelling.  I had a 3rd session just for good measure.  Dana knows the human body and how to help it feel youthful and get the energy running through the body.

I was able to return to my regular massages after 6 weeks and enjoy the pleasure of feeling like Gumby, I always felt like I was in a dream world after receiving a message from Dana.

I believe if Dana did not take care of my ankle and hand, I would still have swelling in my ankle and nerve problem in my hand.  A good massage therapist is worth their weight in gold.

So Thankful,

Sandy Spinale
Moss Beach, Ca

July 11, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I am writing in regards to massage therapist Dana Ross. I first began seeing Danaapproximately 3 years ago for TMJ and problems with my neck and shoulders. I hadbeen experiencing headaches, “fuzziness”, pain, tingling and numbness in my arms andhands, and extreme pain in my neck and upper back. I had been to an orthopedist as wellas physical therapy with little success. What Dana did for me was nothing short ofmiraculous!

After receiving a combination of intensive jaw massage (both inside the mouth and out)and deep tissue massage on a regular basis, I have been virtually pain free. And when aproblem does crop up, it is generally mild and can be taken care of at my nextappointment, or in some cases, taken care of myself with rest, ice or self massage. Danaeven worked on me through my pregnancy, and I can happily report I had no backproblems during the entire nine months.

I have been to several different massage therapists over the years, but nobody else hashad the same level of knowledge of the body and muscular system in particular, or wasable to do such deep work. Her TMJ specialty is something that is difficult to find, but sonecessary for anyone who suffers from the disorder.

I will miss Dana greatly, and those on the island who will be able to receive hertreatments now are very lucky indeed.

Tatiana ScanlonSan Bruno, CA(650) 871-0556