Massage by Dana

About Me

imageI have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 18 years providing positive services as both a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer.                                   

I enjoy helping people with injuries as it’s rewarding to see them go from chronic pain to very little discomfort.  In many cases the pain has disappeared completely. 

My work helps in assisting and speeding up the healing process of many injuries. My specialties include backs, fused necks, hips, knees and rotator cuffs (golf, surfing and tennis).  My techniques through many years of education and experience help speed up post-surgery recoveries.  You can check out the personal Testimonials on this website at Testimonials page.

I value being a facilitator to help people heal themselves.  I myself had a chronic lower back injury (degenerative disc) which inspired me to educate myself in learning as much as possible about lower back injuries and how to heal them. Because of my own personal experiences, my specialty has become to help people with chronic issues.

Islands brought me here for its unique tranquility.  I love to enhance and extend the relaxing and calming state of body, soul and mind through the gift of massage in these beautiful surroundings.  My home office is located just behind the Slippery Slide Waterfalls in Kilauea where you can listen to and be calmed by the falls. 

As a Personal Trainer I emphasize on preventative maintenance through stretching and maintaining range of motion.  The keys to a healthy body is nutrition, stretching, strength, cardiovascular and an inner peace.

I have started and built up my very own successful businesses of Massage, Yoga and Personal Training in
California for the last 18 years.  My clients were sad to see me go yet I felt drawn to the Islands and look forward to starting a new practice and helping new clients here in Paradise. 

Licensed Massage Therapist in
Hawaii  #MAT-9121   Licensed 2005 

My Education:

Heartwood Institute, 
Garberville, CA 95542
Structural Integration/Rolfing – 400 hours
Chronic Neck, Jaw (TMJ) and Head Pain – 400 hours
Chronic Lower Back Pain – 400 hours   Certifications April 2003

School of Thai Medicine, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Completed 400 hours of Thai Massage   Certified May 2000

National Holistic Institute, Emeryville, CA  94608
Completed 1000 hour Massage Course   Certified April 2000

YMCA San Francisco, CA  94132  Personal Trainer   Certified 1990